八月 26, 2019


穆尔电子始终保持着敏锐的创新力。来自德国Oppenweiler的全球经营的家族企业穆尔电子获得了恰如其分的赞誉。穆尔电子这家自动化工程专业公司在100强创新大赛中名列前茅。6月28日,著名科学家和电视节目主持人Ranga Yogeshwar在法兰克福百年纪念堂以导师的身份为穆尔电子颁发了该奖项。 Murrelektronik has an intuitive feel for innovation. The global player and family-run company from Oppenweiler received a fitting accolade. The automation engineering specialist has been ranked among the best in the TOP 100 innovation competition. On 28 June the award was presented by the famous scientist and TV presenter Ranga Yogeshwar in his capacity as mentor of the well-established competition in the Frankfurt Centenary Hall.

在Nikolaus Franke博士(维也纳经济大学)的支持下,中小企业的创新管理和创新成果在科学方法的基础上进行了评选。在这个独立的选拔程序中,穆尔电子在“外部导向 - 开放式创新”类别中的得分特别高。获奖原因:公司的愿景和使命是优化机械和工厂设施,从而为客户创造竞争优势,在2008年之后第二次被评为创新先锋。

Under the aegis of Professor Dr. Nikolaus Franke (Vienna University of Economics) the innovation management of SMEs and the resulting innovation successes were evaluated based on a scientific method. In this independent selection procedure Murrelektronik scored particularly well in the “External Orientation - Open Innovation” category. The reward: the company, whose vision and mission is to optimize machinery and plant installations and thus generate a competitive edge for its customers, has for the second time after 2008 been ranked among the innovation elite.

穆尔电子由Franz Hafner于1975年创建,是自动化工程领域的重要企业。分布式是穆尔电子的专长。通过将机械和工厂的控制层与传感器-执行器层以成熟的概念和创新的技术连接起来。特别是在包括安全工程、高性能电源系统和广泛的网络安装产品。穆尔电子专注于集成IO-Link组件,让客户的工业4.0之路更加顺畅。

Murrelektronik was founded in 1975 by Franz Hafner and is a key player in automation engineering. Decentralization is the company's specialty. This is achieved by optimally connecting the control layer of machinery and plant to the sensor-actuator layer with proven concepts and innovative technologies. Special focuses include safety engineering, high performance power supply systems and an extensive portfolio for network installations. Murrelektronik concentrates on the incorporation of IO-Link components and makes its customers' path towards Industry 4.0 smoother.

创新是成功的关键之一。 因此,穆尔电子一直选择与客户和外部合作伙伴合作开发新产品。 穆尔电子定期在“创新日”向客户展示其开发项目,并让他们以批判的眼光评估项目。 这确保了创新的高度实用性,并且适用于在各种行业内的应用。

And innovation is one of the keys to success. For this reason, Murrelektronik consistently opts to cooperate with customers and external partners on the development of new products. The company presents its development projects to a select group of customers at regular "Innovation Days" and has them assess the projects with a critical eye. This ensures that the innovations achieve high practical relevance and are suitable for deployment in a wide variety of industries.

这种方法的成功实例之一: Mico Pro智能电力监测系统,该系统是与机械和设备工程公司密切合作开发的。 正如穆尔电子Managing Director:Jürgen Zeltwanger 所说:“该电源电力监控系统可持续监测电路,并在尽可能晚的阶段对过载和故障做出反应,但必要时尽早。” 这一理念增加了机器的运行时间 – 在实际应用中这是绝对必要的。 这表明了穆尔电子如何成功地将创新流程直接转化为实际解决方案,从而为客户带来即时的效益。

A perfect example of the success of this approach is the smart Mico Pro power monitoring system, which was developed in close cooperation with machinery and plant engineering companies. As Murrelektronik Managing Director Jürgen Zeltwanger explains: "This system monitors power circuits and reacts in the case of overloading and faults at as late a stage as possible, but as early as necessary." This increases the runtime of machinery – an absolute must in practical terms. This shows how Murrelektronik succeeds in directly translating innovation processes into practical solutions that yield immediate improvements for customers.

穆尔电子的Managing Director:Jürgen Zeltwanger 对于此次获奖感言:“我们知道创新力量在市场上的重要性,它是良好的、面向未来的重要基础。 事实证明,与客户合作是我们以往成功的重要因素,因此我们尽最大努力回馈客户。 再次进入100强既是一种肯定,也是一种激励,进一步创新已成为穆尔电子的风向标。 我们的全新研发中心现已投入使用,我们投资了650万欧元在全新的研发中心,事实证明这样的投入至关重要。”

Murrelektronik Managing Director Jürgen Zeltwanger is delighted with the award: "We know how important innovative power is on the market as the basis for a good and future-focused standing. Working with customers has proved to be a success factor in the past and we therefore do our utmost to encourage it. The renewed ranking among the TOP 100 is both a confirmation and incentive to further develop what is already an extremely innovative climate. The opening of our new development center, in which we invested EUR 6.5 million, is a key element of this endeavor.”

Bernhard Bühler 是Oppenweiler的市长,穆尔电子总部位于Oppenweiler市。他也对这家本土家族企业的获奖表示祝贺“作为市长,我非常自豪的是,来自Oppenweiler的穆尔电子正在某些方面制定国家和国际标准。面对日益全球化和数字化的挑战。穆尔电子不仅巩固了其良好的形象,同时我们作为当地社区也从中受益。”

Bernhard Bühler is the major of Oppenweiler, the community in which Murrelektronik is headquartered. He, too, welcomes the award for the local family-run company: "As major, I'm very proud that a company from Oppenweiler is setting national and international standards. It is tackling the challenges in competitive field that is becoming increasingly global and digital. In the process, Murrelektronik strengthens its good image and we, as the local community, also benefit.”



The TOP 100 competition

自1993年起,中小企业开始被授予“优秀创新能力和成功品质100强”。科学管理自2002年起由Nikolaus Franke教授领导。Franke是维也纳经济大学创业与创新研究所的创始人和主席。前100强导师是科学家和主持人Ranga Yogeshwar。项目合作伙伴包括促进应用研究的Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft和BVMW(德国中小企业协会)。

The TOP 100 seal of quality for outstanding innovative power and success has been awarded to SMEs since 1993. The scientific management has been headed by Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke since 2002. Franke is founder and chairman of the Institute for Entrepreneurship und Innovation at Vienna's University of Economics. Mentor of TOP 100 is the science journalist and presenter Ranga Yogeshwar. Project partners are the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft for the Promotion of Applied Research and the BVMW (German SME Association).



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