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9月 16, 2019

Modlink Heavy:穆尔电子重载多用途连接器

Modlink Heavy 外壳

来自穆尔电子的Modlink Heavy系列重载连接器可确保信号、电力、数据和气动的可靠传输,即使是在严苛的工业环境中。

The heavy-duty connectors from Murrelektronik’s Modlink Heavy series ensure the reliable transmission of signals, power, data, and pneumatics, even in the toughest industrial environment.

Modlink Heavy可持续保护连接面免受水、冷却剂、润滑剂、灰尘和高机械负荷的影响。穆尔电子拥有广泛的重载连接器产品线。该产品最大的优势是其完整的产品线可确保配置的灵活性。也就是说Modlink Heavy可以在任意应用中实现最优化配置。穆尔电子的Modlink Heavy重载型连接器具有优异的密封性能,防护等级高达IP68 。包括UL和CSA在内的国际认证标准确保产品可在全球使用。

They consistently protect interfaces from water, coolants, lubricants, dirt, and high mechanical loads. Murrelektronik has a wide range of heavy-duty connectors. The greatest strength of the product line is its configuration flexibility. This allows the optimum configuration of Modlink Heavy to be used in every application. Murrelektronik’s Modlink Heavy heavy-duty connectors have a superior seal — with a protection rating of up to IP68. Country-specific certifications including UL and CSA allow these products to be used across the globe.


Maximum flexibility

  • 四种外壳类型

Four housing types

  • 七种尺寸

Seven sizes

  • 三种闭锁方式

Three locking types

  • 广泛的接触插件选择-标准件及模块型

Countless contact inserts — fixed-pin and modular