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9月 09, 2019

F&B PRO:适用于食品饮料全区域的连接器

在食品饮料行业,卫生和清洁非常必要。机器、设备及其电子元器件必须满足卫生和清洁要求。 In the food industry, hygiene and cleanliness are necessary requirements. The machines and equipment, and their electronic components, must fulfill these requirements.

穆尔电子的F&B Pro系列线缆专为食品饮料行业而设计

来自穆尔电子的F&B Pro连接器专为食品饮料工业设计。这些连接器有极强的抗清洁剂、紫外线辐射和臭氧性能,并通过IP69K和ECOLAB标准测试。TPE-S系列线缆适用于拖链:500万次弯曲和200万次扭转。连接头采用聚丙烯模压成型,不锈钢连接头符合EHEDG规范的卫生设计标准。蓝色的线缆套便于在食品加工过程中发现异物或污染。

The F&B Pro range of cordsets from Murrelektronik are specifically designed for the food & beverage industry. These connectors are extremely resistant to cleaning agents, UV radiation and exposure to ozone, and they are tested to IP69K and ECOLAB standards. The TPE-S line also delivers impressive drag chain numbers: 5 million bending cycles and 2 million torsion cycles. The connectors are molded with PP, and the stainless-steel connections are hygienically designed to comply with EHEDG regulations. Blue cable jackets make it easy to detect foreign bodies or contamination during food processing.

食品饮料连接器包含有各种型号及长度:3,4,5或8针,双端预制或尾端开放,带有法兰头,带或不带LED灯等。这些产品均有UL认证,使用的材料符合FDA标准,(EU) 10/2011和EC 1935/2004。这些特性与广泛的产品相结合,为食品行业的安装解决方案提供了出色性能。

This product range is available in a wide range of versions and lengths, with 3, 4, 5 or 8 pins, pre-assembled or open-ended, with flange plug connectors, and with or without LEDs. All of these products are UL-approved, and the materials used comply with FDA regulations, (EU) 10/2011 and EC 1935/2004. These features, combined with the large portfolio, enable excellent features for installation solutions in the food industry.