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2月 27, 2014

Maximum Energy Efficiency Effects

Energy efficiency in machine tools was a big issue at the EMO exhibition in Hanover. The time of power guzzlers is over. "Blue competence", sustainability and a good balance between the energy expended and the energy actually used are required in machines and systems. This is one of Murrelektronik's specialties! Murrelektronik products and solutions help to achieve energy efficiency.

When buying a new car, refrigerator or an air conditioner, energy efficiency is an important issue to consider. A look at a European Union energy label will clearly show the relationship between energy expended and performance achieved. Class A+++ equals the highest level of energy efficiency.

These same energy efficiency standards are also very important to all of us in the machine tool industry. Putting machines and systems to the test can help to save a lot of energy. Energy efficiency is concerned not only with the production stage but also with simulation and operation since during this time there is a base load present that causes stress. This can be seen in power supply units that run continuously or lamps that are always on.

Murrelektronik, with their products and solutions, is the right partner to help achieve these energy efficiency standards. Murrelektronik offers easy to implement solutions that can immediately increase the energy efficiency while also reducing energy consumption.

Murrelektronik’s focus is on two approaches:

  • Integrating highly energy efficient components and/or replacing obsolete loads in existing machines and systems.
  • Conceptual approaches targeting those machine groups that are not involved in production processes and are temporarily switched to a resting state.

Murrelektronik's power supply units help to achieve higher energy efficiency.  One example is Emparro. Emparro power supplies have a remarkable efficiency rating of about 95%. This means only 5 percent of the energy applied to the system remains unused. By comparison conventional power supply units have an expected efficiency of 90% with a power loss of about 10% - twice as much as Emparro. This means Emparro significantly reduces the energy costs. Moreover, Emparro emits only a little heat energy so the components next to Emparro are exposed to less thermal stress which can extend their lifetime considerably.

Murrelektronik's MB Redundancy Balance works hand in hand with Emparro to create an even more energy efficient solution. This intelligent control cabinet module puts both power supply units under an equal load, which is the best operating mode for energy efficiency. MB Redundancy Balance operates using MOSFET technology so the internal consumption of the modules is up to 87% lower than conventional diode modules.

Evolution is a great alternative choice for an energy efficient power supply unit. The units from this series also achieve high marks when it comes to energy efficiency. They feature a unique stand-by mode that reduces energy consumption to an extremely low level. By using an MB Redundancy Basic along with an Evolution power supply they can be integrated into a system in such a way that the redundancy module will put the power supply to sleep. This equals the lowest possible energy consumption for the system.

Choosing the right lighting systems can also help with energy savings. To help in this area, Murrelektronik offers Modlight signal towers. They are installed on machines and indicate operating conditions using LED technology. Besides being maintenance-free for over 100,000 operating hours, these LED lights are both extremely bright and energy efficient.

Murrelektronik's Modlight XTREME 440 machine lights are another example of this technology. They feature LEDs that illuminate machine rooms to daylight quality, and are a good replacement for power guzzling fluorescent lamps that often “give up the ghost” when exposed to vibrations. Modlight XTREME 440 also has continuously dimable brightness settings that can increase the energy efficiency effects. Simply select the right amount of light needed for each setting.

How small improvements can result in big energy savings can be seen when relays are replaced by optocouplers from Murrelektronik. Thanks to their low inrush current, input power is substantially reduced and the hold current is more than 50% lower than similar systems that are not using optocouplers. This adds up to impressive savings in large systems and machines.

Murrelektronik’s conceptual approach makes it possible to completely shut down machine components when they are not needed. A turn-on pulse from the control is enough to reactivate them in due time. This is important in machines that are completely shut down during breaks or that contain component groups that are temporarily shut down when they are not involved in the production process. Murrelektronik's intelligent control cabinet component and electrical current monitoring system, MICO+, is designed for these installations. It enables energy savings in a simple way. Murrelektronik's Cube67 bus modules work in a similar way and feature similar functions. In a Cube system, it is possible to power down expansion modules and the machine components connected to them when necessary.

All of these options show there are many ways to improve the energy efficiency in machine tools and systems. It also clearly shows how easily they can be implemented.